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  • Deboned Roast

    A whole rabbit Fryer, Deboned and rolled , Ready to be infused with your favorite herbs and ingredients. Perfect for a delicious Sunday family roast or Christmas table.

  • Deboned Fillet

    Fillet meat is the most tender part of the fryer, it has rich and mild flavor almost like chicken but more tasty. It is low in fat, calories and cholesterol. Fillets are easy to prepare and perfect for people who have never cooked rabbit meat before.

  • Espetada

    The Espitada is made from Deboned Hind Leg Quarters. It is a meaty part of the animal and it is full-flavoured. Each Espitada includes 4 deboned Thighs on a skewer.

  • Front Leg Quarters

    Fryer wings or Front Leg Quarters, has a very rich and meaty flavor, very similar to a chicken wing, but bigger and much more tasty. It Can be separated into mini wings and drumsticks.

  • Hind Leg Quarters

    Hind legs have a very full flavor It is the meatiest part of the animal

  • Kebabs on Skewer

    Succulent meat pieces on a skewer stick, perfect for grilling over hot coals or in a skillet, Enjoy as a snack or light meal

  • Loin Chops

    Loin chops are bite size with extremely tender meat and a rich flavor. Prepare over the grill, hot coals, fry in a hot pan and serve them as a quick snack or a gourmet dish.

  • Whole Rabbit

    Rabbit meat is lean, tender, palatable and scrumptious with a flavor richer than any other meat. Each rabbit can be separated into a total of six different cuts: two front leg quarters, two juicy back leg quarters, and two saddle halves.

  • Whole Rabbit Portioned

    Rabbit Portions are ready for your favorite recipe. The portions include 2 front legs, 2 back legs, 2 loins, and giblet.

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